Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break!

Like all rich sojoco people........I forgot to tell you all that I'm on vacation....okay, not vacation because I am with my kids.........or that makes it a "family trip" which is more about their fun than mine which is cool enough in its own right. It is Spring Break and I'm in sojoco south. The beach.

Anyway. I'm in a very nice, high end warm place. Heard you had snow. Sucks to be you. I'm drinking tons of good wine and these skinny margaritas which kinda kicked my ass. One thing I love is that I get to run on the beach every morning and feel like I'm in shape.......but I have to do it early because once the drinking starts well............not. gonna. happen.

Nice. Beautiful.

I'll try to blog something before I get back.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Steven St. John hates the Gays.

I love Sports Radio 810 WHB.

I listen pretty much every day except when the racing boys are on and I get tired very quickly of stump the chumps. Otherwise.....all good.

On Friday morning I was beyond uncomfortable with the gay innuendo and cheap jokes lead by Steven St. John on his show The Border Patrol.....mostly directed at Gary Lezak who does a weather call in on the show. It went on for an entire segment which seemed like about 15 minutes. I'm not sure how long it really went.

I've heard from more than one person that Steven told them he is uncomfortable with Gary because he is gay and doesn't want him in the studio. He seems completely comfortable being uncomfortably degrading to gay people in this town.

When I was you know like 13 years old my buddies and I were among the biggest homophobes in the world. The biggest insult you could hurl at somebody was that they were gay and called them a fag. Them were stone cold fightn words. If you called somebody a fag you better have felt pretty sure you could kick their ass because if not you were gonna get your ass kicked. Not only have times changed but we grew up. We grew up to understand that you don't have to be uncomfortable just because somebody is a little different than you. People are people first. Too bad Steven St. John still has the intellect of a 13 year old.

Steven St. John's attitude and comments were insulting and inappropriate. The rest of the boys quickly piled on with lots of sophomoric gay slurs and innuendo.

Everyone in Kansas City knows Gary Lezak is a gay man. So what?

Steven St. John is homophobic. He is scared of gay people. Gay men give him the creeps. I have news for Steven. I'll reach and speak for the gay man but as a short, fat, dude with more hair on your back than on your head you have nothing to worry about from the average gay man.

Gary Lezak.........who likely enjoys sucking a mean dick and anal sex........and yep probably rim jobs too.........is way more of a man than Steven St. John because if I was Gary I would act like a 13 year old and go down to the station and kick that fat little idiot's ass. Luckily, Gary is more of a man than both Steven and me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Phillll Kline. Up the Ante

This is some excellent work by Kansas Watchdog.

Kline ups the ante and if true is a game changer. While I've often wrote about my personal dislike for Philllll Kline everyone deserves to be treated fairly from a system and process that has integrity.

If you are interested, read this post. I'll not try to improve on it with further commentary.