Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Life in Southern Johnson County Kansas

I realize all of us living out here in Southern Johnson County, Kansas have a certain reputation. I've decided to start a little blog to chronicle, describe, or illuminate the pleasures and pains of living south of I435 on the Kansas side. For now, I'm choosing to protect my identity because I'm not sure how nasty this is going to get. I might want to get served in a local non-chain eatry without getting spit deposited on my burger.

Let me start with my own experience and what I'll call my credentials. I was born and raised out here in southern Johnson County. I moved away in my early adulthood to a big city and actually lived in the city there to get some perspective on urban living. I loved it by the way. After more than 5 years I moved back. I considered living in our city's urban core but lack of accrediation of the schools and lack of basic services at the time found me sucked back to SOJOCO. Sure, family being close by and other benefits like that made it easier to rationalize but the bottom line is I moved back to where I felt comfortable. I guess the point is that I have spent many years living in different parts of SOJOCO but I also have some credible experience about the contrast to city living. I also spend a significant amount of time working and playing in the city now due to my work so I'm not insulated to the SOJOCO life.

I hope I'll highlight the good and the crap with living out here in my various posts over time. I'll try to stay mostly on the subject but I hope you'll forgive me when I get off the subject from time to time. People tell me I'm kinda funny so hopefully I can bring a little humor to my rants.

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