Saturday, January 26, 2008

Save Mrs. Lee's Tree?

I guess we are now right back to Mayberry, USA with the article in today's local section about Bernie Lee's tree she wants to save.

In the ever so posh part of Johnson County called Roeland Park I read of the travesty of Mrs. Lee's tree, planted in the easment, that needs to be chopped down for a flood protection plan.

I guess I have a couple thoughts. First, how does the qualify for news in the KC Star? Must have been a really slow news week......but actually it really wasn't but don't get me started. Second, does Mrs. Lee really love that tree that much? She said it was appraised to be valued at $5100 bucks. Well, to a regular tree hugger probably much more cause they are actually taking a life and how can you put a value on that but for me it probably isn't even a cord of word so some premix for the old chain saw and my buddy's pickup excepted I'm thinking it is worth about a $100 and good winter's ambiance in the fireplace. I thought it was funny that Mrs. Lee spent some very valuable time creating a plan to save the tree and a first thought she rallied the support of the neighbor for her plan until the neighbor realized it would trouble their front yard and then their support quickly faded. How about using that energy down at City Union Mission for someone who could really use the help.....oops.....that would mean leaving the county.

Well, they are going to plant 3 new trees in a park nice.

Then I thought of the tree that was chopped to print the paper that I reading...........

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