Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No woman gonna tell me what to do?

So the KC Star had an article on the front page today about a woman referee who was told right before a boy's high school basketball game that she couldn't work the game because she would be exercising authority over males. The host school, St. Mary's, said it was not consistent with their beliefs. I'm sure they have woman teachers. This makes no sense at all and is repulsive.

Now, I know lots of people who take the Bible very seriously, and literally, about these things. Even if, I don't know any faith traditions that actually go so far as to keep women from guiding, teaching, instructing children. High schoolers would definitely fall into this category. St. Mary's is out of line....way out of line and action should be taken against them. Other teams should refuse to play them until they change their policy.

This is pathetic. This is something you'd see some ignorant bastard on Jerry Springer propose.

We need to ask for a policy from the department of education stating that schools aren't eligible to participate if they have policies that are discriminatory against women in the school environment. If as a church they don't want women as clergy, fine, that is their choice but in an event sanctioned by the State of Kansas Department of Education, what is it the Kansas High School Athletics Association, we can't and shouldn't allow people to be treated this way. If they believe this strongly then they should withdraw from competition.

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