Saturday, March 1, 2008

Matt Ross a huge success so far. Come on Leawood!

An article in the KC Star reported today that the new community center of Overland Park, called Matt Ross, is doing very well. In fact, they've already met their revenue and membership for the year after 5 months. I guess their projections were really poor or business is really good. Obviously a combination of both.

I've been there a couple times and it really is a spectacular community center. The pools they discuss really are first class. The workout areas look a little less than adequate in terms of size for the number of people they are serving. They told me that you have to sign up for a tread mill and then you have a 30 minute limit. That's not long enough but there is a track which is what I would use instead of waiting.

The article also said other Johnson County communities are considering building a similar facility. Sounds good. I live in Leawood and would love to see that. We belong to a gym now and would probably rather use a community center instead because of its uses other than just a gym. Our Country Club doesn't have any workout facilities. I know Leawood is considering it and I hope the move ahead quickly. Regarded as the first class city in JoCo, it would seem appropriate that they have one and that it would be the envy of the county. It has to have an indoor water park like or better than Matt Ross though.

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