Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The NEW Blue Moose

KC Hopps has developed their most southern location at 151st and Nall which opened in the past week or so.

It was a busy place upon it's opening and one evening during the week we were on a 20 minute wait.

It is the remodeled location of Cocobolos. They did a nice job by adding a nice patio on the back. The place is still small but should serve them well for now and if it goes well they can always invade to space next to them. There seems to be plenty of space these days in strip malls.

As for the food. It was definitely solid and what you want for a neighborhood joint. They had a kid's menu and it was definitely kid friendly. The prices were very reasonable and service was fine considering they were new. Readers on here know I like wine so I'll have to comment that it wasn't a thrilling selection of wines so I'm hopeful that improves. Cocobolos had a reputation for really expensive drinks so affordable margaritas will serve my wife well.

One of my neighbors commented it was too small but I think it is a good size for the area. I just hope we can get in when we need some grub or to grab a drink with friends.

And.....another new place for breakfast on Sunday. They offer a brunch that while I haven't tried it yet looked just fine and again, affordable. Check with them for hours on Sunday.

So welcome to KC Hopps and Blue Moose to SoJoCo. We are glad to have you. Best of luck. I'm giving them a thumbs up for now.


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