Sunday, July 20, 2008

County Commission gets savy with sales tax proposal

County politics seems to be heating up in a way I haven't seen in awhile. Earlier this year there has been the Aubry Township seeking to avoid future annexation by calling themselves Stilwell and recently the filing of candicacy by James Azeltine. Now, it is the extention of the sales tax proposal by the commission to be used not for schools but for a public safety initiative that includes an already under construction expanded jail and crime lab.

I've already received a campaign flier in support of the tax and an article today in The Star discusses it further. Today's article is a good one that does a pretty good job of squaring up the particulars of the issue. The Commission is pretty savy here in putting the citizens with a difficult choice. Perhaps Azeltine will weigh in on this soon. I'm interested to see his thoughts on their political play. He can't say they haven't been proactive on this one.

So they started the construction of the jail expansion without funding in place and now say either approve the continuation of the sales tax for this purpose of we'll just raise your property taxes to cover it. Basically Surbaugh says pick the method of payment you want to or mastercard. The other part of this ballot issue is equally savy in that it has no expiration. It lasts forever. They'll get about 20 million a year in a county slushfund. They threaten massive cuts in services if can't be approved.

I'll give them credit for this one. At a time when taxes would be tough to pass people will likely not want their property taxes going up any further. This is a well played hand by the County Commission. It is a little dirty, a little shady and will leave a bad taste in many mouths but you gotta love the moxy. I guess I've got to support it. I'd rather have a choice in that a sales tax only hits you if you buy something and I've seen my property taxes go high enough.

By the way, in the paper Tracy Thomas is quoted as being very against it. In my mind I'm for pretty much whatever she is against so that makes it easy.

Oh yea, where is John Toplikar on this one? That putz won't be out in front on this one because he is lame and runs from any real issue. I didn't see him in the paper on this one. Typical.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got your wish: Azeltine weighed in on the jail sales tax proposal:

Apparently, he thinks the BOCC has presented a false choice regarding this proposal and an increase in our property taxes. The Star also makes a point that Lindstrom, the incumbent, really hasn't taken a position less that two weeks before the referendum. Interesting.

JOCOeveryman said...

Indeed, very interesting about Lindstrom....just as Azeltine is leadership. Thanks for the link, I'll read it next. And thanks for posting a comment. Thoughful and smart is always welcome.