Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rich Kids in Blue Valley lose playground

Sunrise Point Elementary School lost their outdoor playground to arson in the past week. Sunrise Point is in the Blue Valley School District at 159th and Roe. Parents and teachers were very upset to see that someone still on the loose burned their school playground to the ground just weeks before school was set to start.

Apparently, the neighborhood just isn't what it used to be........ Rumor has it a white Tahoe was seen leaving the area.

A couple thoughts. First, don't expect the kiddos the Sunrise Point Patriots to do without a playground set for long. Parents will rally and fundraisers will be held and you'll see a rebuilding effort that would make "Extreme Home Makeover" feel embarrassed. They will build it bigger and badder than ever just to make a point.

Second, isn't it sad that kiddos in JoCo will get their playground rebuilt in record speed while kids in other schools don't have books just down the road in KCMO.

I think it was the teenagers of some swinging couples living over in Lionsgate. While they were doing a soft swap with the neighbors with the white rocks their kids where out torching the playground set at a local school.

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Anonymous said...

What if I know someone who might know who did it... In what way can one leave an anonymous tip for police?