Friday, August 1, 2008

Kline Surrogates get filthy on Howe

I retrieved the mail last night to find a completely nasty direct mail piece from a surrogate group of the Phill Kline campaign. It came from the "Victim's Voice Foundation, Inc" complete with a PO box in Lenexa for an address and not so much as an email address of phone number.

They are mentioned in a blog/website of Jill Stanek of Oak Lawn, Illinois who writes in this link about how the nationwide pro-life movement needs to support Kline and seeks to raise $300K in the final days of the campaign. She is correct in The Star's hatred of doubt she got that one right.

I read in the paper this morning that Kline is getting a lot of help and interest from the Right to Life groups and featured a quote from James Dobson....the comb-over king of the evangelical right's Focus on the Family. Taking on Planned Parenthood appears to be good for business for Kline and I'm guessing even IF he loses this primary or election he'll have plenty of work in those organizations and probably at much better wages. In a little digression I think this is part of Kline's longterm plan. Win or lose now, he will cash in with the right to life group as their hero and lawyer showing up in towns all over the country on their nickel to challenge abortion law, gay rights, whatever.....the Gloria Alred of the conservative evangelicals. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tim Golba's hands all over this thing.
Anyway, the campaign flyer states with a picture of scared woman on the front, "When prosecutors make mistakes.....Murderers go free.

The inside of the flyer is pretty large so I'll put it into 2 part but it is a tri fold. It features a Willie Horton type picture of the perp.......incredibly dirty.

The left panel of this trifold shows a picture of Steve Howe and this dim lighting of the picture is pretty isn't just my scanner:

The back looks like this for a final little dig.........

So, this is some dirty little antics by Phill Kline. Now, Kline will say this isn't from him but you know absolutely he knows about everything done by these groups, is directing these groups, and should take responsibility for them. He won't. This is the way the game is played.

Within the context of the positive ads from Kline I heard on the radio this morning where he doesn't even mention Steve Howe but talks about his own record it is very interesting.

This, from an academic standpoint, is a very good strategy on Kline's part. If I were Howe, I'd play to where the money is coming from and ask Kline to denounce this types of ads. It is also very close to election day when there is very little time to respond. I missed the radio debate this morning....some of us have to work.

I have also been peppered recently from Kline's campaign with automated phone surveys. It must cost quite a bit run something like that....wonder who is paying for it? Anyway, it always asks if I'm voting and if I consider myself a conservative, if I am pro-life and if I know that Phill Kline is taking on Planned Parenthood.

Does stuff like this make you less likely to vote for Phill Kline? It has been said that nobody gets the opposition out to vote like Phill Kline.

You all mark my words here and or lose.....Phill Kline will get rich by working with these groups in the coming years in the private sector. He is a courageous hero to the pro-life community in the US. Unfortunately, they have claimed an incredibly flawed and somewhat sleazy person for that role.

If Planned Parenthood violated the law I want them prosecuted and it does seem like Planned Parenthood is just trying to run out the clock on Phill Kline. I wonder if it will work?

Are you supporting Kline or Howe in the this race?

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