Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SoJoCo Eats

I ate recently at a few places and thought I'd make a report.

Blue Koi: Pretty average and a server with a smile that said, "Don't leave me alone with your children". Look, the food was just fine but it certainly wasn't anything creative. Chinese food is suppose to be really fast coming to you but this was incredibly slow. No kids menu and a wine list that is boring and left me drinking water. You can find better for much less.

Bristol: I'll start by saying I love the Bristol as a rule. If fact, I planned my day around the idea of stopping by for lunch and having a plate of mussels and a glass of wine. Normally they are really excellent. This week they were very small. They still tasted okay but they were about the size of 2 peas. I'm not an expert but I could assume that the size/quality is variable somewhat beyond their control. But I would perhaps think they would look at them and say we aren't serving these today because they don't fit our standard. I would have more impressed had the server said, "We had them today but we aren't impressed with the quality so aren't recommending them." I always appreciate the wine list. Overall, you know the Bristol is great and I'll definitely be back.

Flights Wine Bar: This might be the best kept wine secret in sojoco right now. By that I mean that it doesn't seem very busy and that concerns me. The people running it are very nice and are always there. The owner, this black guy who reminds me of a young Charlie Pride, is really nice and appreciative whenever we stop by. The wine list is very friendly and accessible but isn't just the same old boring stuff. You don't have to have a flight......but it is a great way to try several different wines. I usually get a flight and then get my favorite as a second glass. The food is just fine. Actually what I like is that the portions aren't huge. That takes some real balls in sojoco not to completely fill up the plate. Also, they have a really great patio that is begging you to come hang out this fall. Complaints? Really, not much other than I'd like to see a few more people when I get in there and the TV's drive me a little nuts after awhile. They are just scenery so no actual programming is shown. I get it but we are still in sojoco after all.

Will Jenny's: Still really freaking solid. The Louie Mueller is still my favorite but I've allowed myself to move on to their specials as well which usually include a little brisket and a little Tex Mex. Good food, good people. Oh, also the brisket tacos are really pretty delish as well.

El Ranchito: Over on 119th in Olathe. It was hot in there so they need some better AC help which they claim is forthcoming. Mexican food portions are always huge and this no exception. Good food, nice people. If you want to slum in JoCo.....Olathe is the way to go. Lock your car. I ranked their first location in old Olathe as one of my favorite mexican places. I didn't think things were quite as few and authentic this time but it is still pretty good.

Talk of the Town: 119th in Olathe/OP. I hadn't been in quite a long time just to meet a friend for a drink. I'm mentioning this because you know they actually had a pretty decent group of wines for a bar. I had the Canyon Road Chardonnay. Apps are just fine, same as you'd get anywhere but served quickly and friendly. I ordered a glass of white wine and was heckled by guys I didn't know at the bar......I loved it. If you live in the neighborhood and you want Jager bombs and your partner wants wine you'll both be happy.

Places I'm looking forward to trying. North. Over by the Crate and Barrel. Everyone is talking about it so I guess I need to check it out. Quite the hot spot.

Zest: A new place coming in the same area by Joe DiGiovanni who owned Joe D's Wine Bar in Brookside. It should be good.


jocosob said...

You forgot Hardess & Sonic.

JOCOeveryman said...

You are trying to be funny but I do love Sonic and Hardees. They are probably my favorite fast food places.

jocosob said...

I dig Hardees. Sonic on the other hand makes me crap myself. Another good fast food place in joco is culvers.

But seriously try Lewelyns (spelling) off of 151st. It is da bomb yo.

JOCOeveryman said...

Oh dude, I like Lewellyns too. Good spot and the night I was there they had THE worst irish band there. So funny but I was drunk and it was late.

Butterburgers at Culver's huh?

jocosob said...

WERD, try them

travel said...

Butter burgers are Wisconsin cuisine ... even making it to snobby soJoCo I see. I may never eat another one.

I need to start up the other best cuisine from Wisconin..the Friday nite fish fry. I could make a lot of $$$$ and even move to soJoCo...

Well, on second thought

travel said...

Here's what I'm talkin about:


JOCOeveryman said...

I could go for a little redneck fish fry. Have you ever been to Jumpin Catfish in Olathe? Catfish is really good there. Talk about some redneck food in sojoco.