Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tales of Plastic Surgery in SoJoCo

Why is it that recently it seems I hear more and more about all the cosmetic surgery going on with our sojoco women?

Recently I was at Yia Yia's and I overheard....okay I was eavesdropping at little but not much......a group of 40 something women discussing with incredible pride their plastic surgeries. It used to be that people would claim that they never had any work done and it was considered vain and shallow to go under the knife for beauty. It seems like that sentiment has gotten a face lift recently.

For me I started noticing it when a neighbor had some body contouring done via lipo and she told anyone who would listen about it and as much detail as you wanted to hear. If you said to her something as simple as, "How's it going?" She would begin, "Oh, you heard about my lipo didn't you.....?" She told about how much it hurt and how she had to hire someone to take care of her while she recovered. It didn't really register too much with me at the time because to know her you would know that tact and discretion aren't her strong suits.

Now it seems like it wasn't her being indiscreet it is just sojoco women now using the extravagance of cosmetic procedures as yet another way to brag about themselves and their wealth.

I certainly know my fair share of women who have had boobs enhanced, tummies tucked, etc but this woman at Yia Yia's really shocked me. She was discussing her labiaplasty with her girlfriends over Cosmos. I mean, really? That is something you'd share with anyone? You need to make your labia more beautiful? I don't want to hear about that especially when I'm eating some raw tuna dish.........

Everyone says that trends make it to the midwest late and I guess plastic surgery has been a pretty open deal on the coast for some time but I'd like to go back to guessing if somebody's hooters are real or makes for much better caddy bar conversation.

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