Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama and McCain heading in different directions

Just a thought tonight about the Presidential election. Obama likes to say McCain is more of the same and he represents new ideas, new politics.

Think about this. 18 months ago when the campaign started Obama had the most organized campaign that consistently stayed on message. He would often deflect criticism by saying something like, "We can talk about that but that's the politics of yesterday. Let's talk about change instead and solving America's problems" It was very effective and I think energized the younger voters. Over the past 2 weeks Obama has changed that tactic and has gone on the offensive and become very political. The speeches are less polished and you can see and sense his frustration. You can see the panic in the campaign and you can see it losing its discipline. So, while he was ahead he was cool, calm, in charge but in the first real challenge of his life he doesn't know quite how to respond. I'm thinking there are going to be some tougher challenges as President. He isn't doing well on this test. When he goes off script he is stumbling. He was pretty good on Letterman tonight but how much easier can it be than with a friend in Liberal Letterman.

Think about this. Obama says McCain is more of the same in Washington but when McCain chose a running mate he looked outside Washington to bring in some fresh ideas and he hit a home run with Governor Sarah Palin. What did Obama do? He picked another Washington insider, another member of the old boy's club and a guy who has been a Washington insider for longer than McCain and Obama combined. So who is more of the same?

Think about this. Over the past month McCain's campaign has gotten incredibly focused. Just when you thought he was down and out McCain continues to show his resolve and his toughness. McCain is now setting the pace and Obama is having trouble keeping up. Over the past month Obama's campaign seems off message and lost. Is this how an Obama presidency would react when facing adversity? Think about it.....this is the first real adversity he has faced and he isn't doing well against it. Can we really afford on the job training from Obama?

Think about it.


Anonymous said...

You may have some valid points, but the fact is that Obama is more in line with my beliefs and values, especially in regards to Iraq, which is why he's getting my vote.

emawkc said...

I've posted elsewhere that the left has made a big mistake in making this election a contest between Obama and Palin. Pitting the top of their ticket against the bottom of the McCain ticket cheapens Obama.

Focusing on Palin's lack of experience also draws the focus to Obama's. The Democrats have really been outmaneuvered when it comes to dictating the debate.

JOCOeveryman said...

Anonymous....I'm not sure about your values and beliefs but I believe that each generation has the obligation to make whatever sacrifices it takes to secure freedom for future generations. Radical Islam dreams of making the US into a state ruled by islamic law where women are treated like property. I think we are soft have no where near the character of the previous generation. Freedom isn't free. We live in culture of no consequences and no responsibility. George Bush on 9/11 said this would be difficult and it would be long but we think it should be over in the time it takes to watch a movie because we lack the basic toughness it takes and the resolve it will require. Suck it up, share the sacrifice and no it isn't fun and no it isn't easy but either we do it now or our kids and grandkids will have to do it later. Which do you prefer?

Anonymous said...

Everyman, I don't care who you are.

You are obviously stupid.

Bye Bye.

JOCOeveryman said...

Well, that is pretty typical of people, especially liberals, who aren't intelligent enough to make a reasonable argument for what they believe. They make the it in calling me names. That is such a typical Obama supporter right there.

Although I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to show that I've posted all comments...including yours.