Monday, September 1, 2008

Obama loves war afterall

Obama loves war afterall it just isn't the war in the Middle East. After digesting the acceptance speech of Obama at the convention I realized this guy who talked about not bringing the usual old politics of yesterday to us did just that in his speech.

He double talked about rejecting the politics of yesterday while spending most of his speech laying out typical liberal democrat boilerplate issues. Most of his speech didn't sound that much different than the speech that John Kerry and Al Gore gave at their conventions. Did you notice that Michelle Obama sat next the Teresa Heinz Kerry during the speech? Remember all the crazy stuff she said during her husband's campaign?

First and foremost he showed his love of war. Class war. This is the base play of all liberals. He has described his intention to add billions in new spending but then he said he would give "95% of all middle class Americans a tax cut". Since we know the poor don't pay income tax and he wants to increase spending then he plans to pay for it through the pocket books of the wealthiest 5% of the middle class and 100% of the upper middle class and 100% of the upper class who all together pay the most in taxes in terms of both percentage and dollars. This is the (class) war we really can't afford. This is what has always scared me most about liberals. People smarter than me have said that one of the biggest threats to democracy is when the majority exempts itself from the responsibilities of the democracy while taking all the benefits. In short, when people stop acting with enlightened self interest.....or simply put...with everyone's best self interest in mind. Our country works best when everyone feels like they need to do more than their fair share, everyday. It doesn't work when everyone feels entitled because they covet their neighbors shiny toys. This is the classic tyranny of the majority that Tocqueville wrote of in "Democracy in America". I've already heard people in the press misquote his line of the speech as a "tax cut for 95% of Americans" thus leaving out the "middle class" qualifier.

Let me help all you in Johnson County who might not know where you fall in Obama's world of class. You are RICH. I know you think he can't be talking about don't have a big savings account and private jet. If you have a mortgage, a couple cars and a 401K you are part of the problem. If you own a restaurant or a retail store or a service industry company like plumbing or heating and cooling you are part of the ownership society. You are part of the "ownership" society that Obama says gets all the benefits and you need to pay more and disproportionately than everyone else. Who else can it be? How can you give 95% of the middle class a tax cut and not raise taxes in a major way on 5% of the upper middle class and on 100% of the upper middle and rich in this country? This is simply a plan to redistribute wealth in the country from the "rich to the poor" in a way which we've never seen. "Robin Hood" Obama thinks this will work. History has shown it won't. History tells us that 5 minutes after you redistribute wealth it starts flowing back to those who have the education, capacity for hard work and a measure of good luck to earn it back. History tells us that it is this ownership society that provides all the jobs and innovation in this country and are the people who take risks.

Obama has to start this war because it is what he believes deep inside himself. He believes that people who have something must have taken it from someone else instead of earning it.

I said it months ago and I'll say it again. This is simply the most fiscally liberal candidate for President I've seen in my lifetime. This man wants change but this is the kind of change we can't afford.


flymorgue2 said...

History tells us that the moment you try to take wealth from the rich, they move, hide it, or evade the "rich" tag to side-step the tax. What they do not do is what they should be doing with it: using it to invest in and expand the economy. It is always counterproductive. Obama must still be puzzling Charlie, the GMA guy, who asked him why decreased taxes led to increased revenues.

JOCOeveryman said... can't tax and spend your way to prosperity. You've got go get a burrito at Chipolte...and get one for me too.

If Obama wins and does what he says I will stop risking my precious resources and just save them until we get a better business climate.