Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Democracy is lame. First Coyotes now Deer try to take over JOCO

First, before I start getting overtures from the Communist Party of Johnson County (CPJC), I am not advocating a change of government. I love democracy. We don't have it in the United States but I love democracy. We are a Republic but I'm digressing already.

I was reading the paper, er the dead wood media, this morning with interest in a story about the deer problem at Shawnee Mission Park. No question a huge, huge overpopulation problem that seems simple enough to fix if you know what I mean.

It brings me to my point, which all us Political Science geeks have always known, that democracy is the least efficient form of government. The Park Board has en paneled a 10 member panel who has said they will look at the problem over the next 6 months to recommend some solutions. This problem has been a stampede running toward us for 10 years according to the article. Only in a democracy do we form committees to study and ponder and gain consensus on problems for which we already know the solution. We do it because in a democracy everyone needs to feel like they have been heard, all ideas explored, and thus we maintain a certain level of legitimacy and integrity for those who have been given authority to manage our mutual interests........uh, like a park.

I like the article by Finn Bullers because it details the problem but also kinds shows the lunacy of it. The side panel article shows how this guy Tony DeRossett is working to thin the population of deer in Kansas and feeding the hungry while keeping our nice shiny cars safe from deer related accidents. Pretty cool stuff. Mmmmm.....when you eat deer you call it Venison and here are a bunch of great deer recipes from a guy who might be slightly obsessed with the preparation of deer meat.

We don't need a 10 member panel to decide what needs to happen in Shawnee Mission Park. Deer need to be harvested. We need to kill a bunch of these deer to get the population back in check right away before disease gets them and we have to get a 10 member panel together to figure out how to dispose of hundreds of dead deer. If the Park Board had failed to get the grass mowed or the trash dumped in the park for the past 10 years we wouldn't be discussing options we would be firing professional park staff for nonfeasance and firing up the mowers and the trash trucks with their replacements. If the grass is too tall......cut it. Deer are no more than long legged rats.........that reputedly taste a little better.

It is so simple it is ridiculous. Kill a bunch now and then a very limited harvest each year. Where do I send the bill? Bye, Bye Bambi.

By the way.....while I'm writing about something in the KC Star.........I think the sports section on Sunday might have been the finest Sports Section in recent memory. was really good. Maybe we should rename the paper The KC Sports Star.


JustCara said...

Only in JoCo would we be having a six-month long investigation period to fix a problem that can be taken care of in a couple of weekends' worth of bow hunting! I love the critters, but when little Trevor or Kaitlyn gets killed when a deer crashes into Mommy's minivan on the way to soccer practice this will put the deer problem into perspective.

JOCOeveryman said...

Exactly. If that doesn't put it into perspective I'm not sure what does. Thanks for commenting Cara.