Saturday, January 31, 2009

Best and Worst Wine of the Week....a day late

I'm really sorry. I actually had a pretty full day of drinking yesterday and didn't get a chance to get at the laptop in a meaningful way. I also attending the Four Stars for Lauren event which had loads of good wine and even better food so let's just say I had lots of opportunities.

Yesterday was a quite a day though bouncing through some wine at lunch over at the P&L District Restaurant week and through some Manhattan's with a customer in the afternoon and then finally with a stop at JP Wine Bar for more wine it was a busy, fun filled drinking adventure. The Power and Light restaurant week seemed to be a bigger success than I ever thought it would be and the crowd on Friday was good. Hopefully it will help their dining business in the long run.

Anyway....on with it.

Best Wine of the Week. Sbragia Rancho del Oso Cabernet Sauvignon. Howell Moutain

Where I drank it: Four Stars for Lauren Charity Tasting.

How much: I'm guessing it is about a $40-$50 bottle.

Thoughts: I had to look this up cause I couldn't remember for sure which Sbragia Cab it was but I'm pretty sure this was the one. It was massive with the generous black cherry, cassis, and it had firm structure as well but not with mouth seering tannins. Very well made. Really good bottle of wine.

The Keith Olbermann Wine (worst wine): Groth Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

Where I drank it: Bice Bistro at Power and Light

How much: $44 a bottle.

Thoughts: Okay, SB is starting to get a little ubiquitous in the New Zealand style area. I loved the grapefruit thing but now it is just getting a tired. It is a little riper than most SB but it is still pretty one dimensional with just crisp grapefruit. Trust me there can be more to SB. I'm not saying it is a badly made bottle of wine I'm just saying it is getting dull and I don't want dull for $44 a bottle.

Anyway, Vaya Con Dios! and Cheers.

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