Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Leawood is still smarter

News from the Leawood City Council goal setting session last week is that they are digging in even more in their desire to remain financially conservative (read smart) during these difficult times.

They are very close to moving back the new justice center planned for 2009 at least one year and they have stopped the research phase of a Community Center that might have been built right next door to the Justice Center. This is in addition to moving back the widening of 143rd street.

Regarding a new community center: The word is that the research and studies showed that citizens were evenly divided in their interest in basically 3 groups: 1/3 are for it, 1/3 are solidly against and 1/3 are ambivalent but could be convinced if it didn't cost too much.

While I think a world class, affluent city like Leawood should have an incredible community center I think it is smarter to not forge ahead in this economic climate. Good work Leawood City Council.

So....until further notice keep heading over to Overland Park's beautiful community centers or the Blue Valley rec center for kiddo's swim birthday parties.

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