Friday, October 30, 2009

And it is also Friday and worst wines of the week

Quickly, cause believe it or not I do have a job and a life. I just learned that Michael Scott (aka my boss) is coming back to town next week and bringing freaking Dwight (aka his kiss ass little buddy) with him so it should be an interesting week coming up.

This week's best wine: In honor of Ms Moreno's event last night I'm picking the wine they served at the VIP reception: Martin Codax Albarino from Spain. I've had this wine a few times and Albarino is a great alternative to Chardonnay. It is light, floral, crisp, aromatic like lemon and peach with great acidity. I thought it was a nice touch to have some wines from Spain for that event instead of the basic old Chard and Merlot. Refreshing to see someone actually thought it through for a change.

Where I drank it: Starlight VIP Room....Applause Club. The event was catered by Bonterra....cause the napkins said so.

How much: Well, gratis cause I was at this swanky reception but a little research told me it is about $10.99. Good albarino isn't that expensive.

Final Tip: Albarino is becoming a hot little grape. Mostly from Spain but in Portugal they call it Vino Verde....yep like green wine cause it almost has a green tint to it. Like Rose and most of the light, aromatic wines it doesn't age well. When shopping definitely be mindful of vintage....the younger the better. It loses its fruit very quickly which means it loses its charm. I wouldn't buy anything older than 2007 right now.

The Keith Olbermann (Worst wine of the week): Trinity Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon. This little California number brings out a little of snob in me. For the price I wasn't expecting much and got even less. It isn't bad wine meaning it isn't offensive but the fruit is ripe red cherry and I'd like to see black fruits in my Cabernet. It has a little vanilla bean and some green olive. Vanilla is okay with me....I'm not fond of the olive aroma. It is pretty straight forward stuff though. Medium bodied. I think the closer to $10 you get the more it we should expect varietal correctness.

Where I drank it: At home. Bought at Lukas.

How much: $8.49 a bottle.

Final thought: I basically said it earlier. Approaching $10 we should all expect a little more. I'm finding we have to be careful at this price point as slick packaging can make way against good valued wine and fool us. Wines that were formerly well regarded can easily slip down a notch in quality. I'm starting to think that $15 is the new $10 wine. I find that the wine at that price point is consistently so much better and $10 is a 'tweener like $6.99 wine with a better label and heavier bottle.

Vaya Con Dios and Cheers!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice touch that the wines supplied at the VIP event tied in with the event itself. Whoever came up with that concept must be quite clever and a bonus that the wine was actually good - or better than good based on your review.

JOCOeveryman said...

Yea....pretty darn clever. Must be those people at Bonterra Catering. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love how you call the worst the Olberman wine. I hate that guy.