Thursday, October 29, 2009

Does your child know Pete Newman from Kanakuk?

Man, I really want to get onto some other stuff. I promise tomorrow I get back to wine and then next week light stuff like why I want a new car and the one I want isn't even cool.

But....I felt like I needed to do this one. I'm not big on reporting other people's blog stuff. We all read TKC for that, right?

This is SOJOCO news because I know many, many of my neighbors send their children to Camp Kanakuk in the summer. I know it has been a wonderful experience for many of them.

The Turner Report today has an important and well done report on Pete Newman who is charged with sexually assaulting boys. Srsly. Might be time to check with your kids to make sure nothing happened and let's hope not. Let's hope the boys that are victims will get the help they need to get past it.

To give credit where credit is due.....I saw it first on the Plog

More important than stolen credit card numbers from Llwelyns's, don't you think?

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