Thursday, October 22, 2009

Michael Cowley will be MY bitch

I was traveling for work the past couple days so I'm not sure if this news broke while I was gone or if it is just getting out. I read about it in the paper this morning.

I don't have a lot of time this morning. I have Michael Scott working with me this week so I have to be on my toes.

I want to be very clear about something. Reading about the piece of human excrement that is Michael Cowley this morning hit a little a little too close to home. Update from a reader: Apparently he goes by the name Todd. Look, TKC, I have my own kickass tipsters!!

My family has enjoyed the services of the Jewish Community Center's Summer programs for the past couple years. I have a little boy and probably one that if a little older would be right in the wheel house for a perv like Michael Cowley because he is a little more defenseless than others due to some developmental issues. My blood started to boil as I read about this prick working at the JCC because I know how careful they are at the center. I know how they take any precaution they can to hire the best and work in an atmosphere of complete openness to try to provide a great, nurturing atmosphere for children. I know that they try hard, take extra steps and this asshole still infiltrated the community there.

I don't lose sleep over much....truly, I'm blessed in that way that I'm pretty comfortable with my choices or else I lack a complete conscience......either way, but I do lose sleep over if my children are safe when I'm not around them and it makes me ill to think of other adults hurting them. It is the most basic of our responsibilities as parents yet one that is increasing becoming more difficult to secure.

I know people will google the name of this jackass today and maybe he will even google himself to see what is being written. I hope he finds this post. I especially hope others who are engaging in this type of behavior read this post.

My child is too young so I'm sure he wasn't involved unless we find something much deeper about this case. I'm not suggesting my child was a victim or I am premeditating a threat against this person. I am posting a warning and while unlikely to be a deterrent since these perverts are such cowards maybe one will rethink before doing something stupid. I may regret this post later.

If he does I want him and others like him to understand. If you or anyone like you touches my children, hurts them in anyway you will wish I simply grabbed my own justice via the rapidly empty clip of my 9mm. You won't be so lucky. I will torture and maim you. Huge blunt objects will enter your rectum followed by other larger, more blunt objects. I will beat you senseless and I will bring you as close to physical death as I can without actually giving you the mercy you will want at that moment. I will make YOU my bitch.

I know there are lots of big talkers out there....lots of blowhards. Trust me on this one. I'm not joking. Not one bit. Too close to home. Way too close.


Anonymous said...

pretty intense! i see where ur coming from. i have 3 kids and if i were u i would not go there anymore. their not as careful as you say. had no idea u were jewish jocoevryman!

m.v. said...

actually he was going by the name Todd at the JCC, he ran Saturday Night Out's (that's how I met him) and sports camp. no blame goes to JCC because how do you background check this shit

JustCara said...

With all of the idiotic laws that get passed each year, I don't understand why child sexual abuse isn't punishable by death. I would fully support a, "You Touch A Child, You Die (Utouch/UDie) Bill of 2010."

The fact that he passed all of those background checks is really scary.

Bill the Painter said...

Count me in, I'll be happy to help. People like this deserve a little Hell on Earth before actually going to Hell.

Piece of crap....

JOCOeveryman said...

Not that it matters but I'm actually not Jewish. We have used their services because we thought it was a wonderful place. I don't blame them. I think they did their best. It is scary though that someone could get through at a place that is that careful.

Like all the ideas.

SOB said...

You are taking this pretty lightly. I would be more pissed

Anonymous said...

JE-Bad people are every where and that is troubling stuff. I worry every day for all of my children but especially my youngest w/tri21...Always being vigilant-that is good. Even here in Mayberry, they lurk.