Thursday, November 12, 2009

Esta Viernes! The best and worst wines of the week!

Best Wine this week: 2006 Sea Smoke Southing Pinot Noir. This is an iconic cult producer of Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills in California. It was kinda made famous by the movie Sideways but insiders knew of it of course prior to that. Finding it in the midwest is a little unusual especially on a wine list so when I saw it at one of my favorite restaurants in St. Louis I had to order it. It is a big, full bodied wine.........bigger than you might think for Pinot Noir but I'm not really complaining. It was dark cherry, orange zest, raspberry, cedar and spice. It finished long and lingering.

Where I drank it: Harvest. An awesome restaurant in St. Louis

How much: $102 off the wine list. Interestingly that is considered a bargain. I know that makes rent in Wyandotte County.

Final Note: These cult trophy wines that have been difficult to get your hands on are getting easier with a rough economy. They are more available right now and there is downward pressure on price. Look for good deals over the next couple months.

The Keith Olbermann (Worst Wine of the week): 2007 Cavit Pinot Noir, Italy. I've been writing about Pinot quite a bit lately. It isn't intentional. Trust me, I'm drinking other wines too. Finding inexpensive Pinot Noir really is a challenge. It is funny really that we keep trying to find good cheap Pinot Noir. Finding a good cheap Pinot Noir is like trying to find a really good conservative that can beat Dennis Moore. Seemingly non existent. Italian Pinot Noir. I don't know why I thought I'd like this wine because I don't really like their Pinot Grigio either. It was just really thin and light........didn't have a ton of flavor. It has a caramel or maybe even margarine flavor and the fruit it did have seemed more like dried fruits. I can't see buying this again.

Where I had it: Home. Bought it a Lionsgate Wines

How much: $8.99

Final thought: Two things. Be skeptical of cheap Pinot Noir. Really, sorry but you'll have to expect to spend at least $15 for find something decent and that tastes like Pinot. Second, forget about Italian Pinot Noir. Haven't had a good one yet.

Vaya Con Dios! Enjoy the weekend. Great some good wine.

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