Tuesday, January 19, 2010

K-State Shakes Things Up

That was quite a game last night. I had a hard time figuring out for whom I should root. Whenever I watch a game and it isn't obvious, ie Jayhawks, Royals, Chiefs.....my kid asks me first thing, "Who are we rooting for?" I always thought this was a goofy question. This is usually followed up by an equally important question like, "Why don't those guy's shirts have the little air holes in them?" Thank you HD television.

But, I too, like to know who I'm suppose to root for in these games.

Anyway, I thought I should root for the other Kansas school but I really hate those guys. Then I justified to myself that if they knock off Texas it will be even more fun ripping their heart out a couple times when the Jayhawks put them back in their place after they think they are all that. I have no love for the cocky Texas people either. I saw a jackoff in the airport the other day wearing a Texas shirt, custom Texas orange cowboy boots that he was rocking with his jeans tucked into them and CARRYING a football and it was clear this young man had not even played Jr. High football let alone at some high level. I wasn't even in Texas. Dork.

Looking at it as what helps the Jayhawks more and also the Big 12 more I thought if Texas wins they will stay number one and we could get a chance to beat the team that took our spot at number one and we would maintain a number one team in the rankings......all good for the Big 12, RPI, etc. In reality, I guess having 3 teams in the top 10 is pretty strong for the league.

In the end, I just watched the game deciding I didn't have a dog in the fight. I know this after last night. There are a lot of strong teams this year and running through your league undefeated isn't going to happen. KU fans can get that out of their head right now. There will be 2 or maybe even 3 losses on other people's courts and God only knows what will happen in the Big 12 and NCAA Tournament.

Bob Knight is painful. What an asshole.

God I love college basketball.