Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why is Rampy Really Leaving?

Nice fluff article from The Star today by Ryan Young. It was nice to cover a school honoring their coach for 25 years of work. Is it possible there are other reasons for the Old Ball Coach's departure to Pittsburg State as their Offensive Coordinator?

Just a couple ideas to consider.

1. I'm not super close to the inner workings of Blue Valley but with a huge budget shortfall and the majority of costs centered in personnel I know that old white guys with (relatively) high salaries are looking at and taking advantage early retirement. Look for the trend to continue with lots of Principals and Administrators taking advantage. I'm sure they are working to get these expensive salaries off the books with the idea to replace them with lower cost, less experienced educators and administrators. This is probably a win-win for everyone in tough times.

The old "double dip" is a very real and important part of the earning cycle of educators these days. Teachers put in their years with one district and qualify for retirement and then go work for another. They draw the retirement from district one and the salary for district two. Hard to blame them.

I think both are at play for Coach Rampy. The move to Division II college is interesting especially since he has to live in Pittsburg, Kansas but who wouldn't welcome a new challenge when your kids are out of the house and it also benefits you financially? Plus, think about the fact that in that environment he doesn't even have to teach in the classroom. For a guy who loves has to be a dream. New Head Coach Beck at Pittsburg State also has to be thinking that it can't hurt recruiting the Kansas City area where Steve Rampy knows every High School coach in the area. Not bad.

Good Luck Steve Rampy.

I remember a place you usually ended up at as a college student called Hollywoods.....and the upstairs called Afterwoods. I've heard it is gone. They had twenty five cent Kamikaze shots.........holy shit. Worst hangover of my life.


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Rampy's a good guy--I wish him well.

JOCOeveryman said...

Good guy and very successful. We all wish him well.