Monday, February 1, 2010

From China with Love: Jen Jen's Rocks.

I am having a freaking colon blow this morning after gorging on Jen Jen's last night.

Jen Jen's is new find for me if you want real, authentic Chinese food. I'll say at the might NOT want real Chinese food based on what has been coming out my ass this morning.

It sure tasted good going down though. This is the best Chinese food I've ever had.

I've eaten there a couple times now and I always eat too much which is a problem cause these days I eat like more like a aspiring super model than a sorority freshman pledge at K-State. It is hard looking this good at my age!

I gotta tell you about this place. First, you pretty much only see Asian people speaking in their native tongue eating there except the corner table of us whiteys. It is small and very can see a ladder sticking up in a corner but at the entrance there is a seafood tank that had a nice supply of live crabs. In the front of the house it is a one man operation. I'm guessing just one in the kitchen too. Ironically, it is right next to the chain Panda Express at like 90th and Metcalf on the west side of Metcalf in OP.

The food never comes out all together but you just start passing each other's entrees as they show up and there is plenty to accomplish this task......even going around a couple times.

The food is fresh and is very authentic. One of the best dishes there is the Ginger Chicken but be careful the steamed chicken is just cut up hap hazardly with the bones still in it. We had some pepper fillet that was really good too. Don't expect "The General's Chicken" on the menu and you don't get stupid fortune cookies when you are done. I guess they also only bring you rice if you ask.....I guess this is also authentic......not that having it or not is authentic. Everything is reasonably priced from $7 to $12 or so.

They always bring you "extra" stuff which is hospitable.

Remember, I said authentic, not gourmet and not high brow. You'll probably see some things you didn't expect, smell some things unique and taste some stuff that well.....I'm still tasting today.

Finally, they sell beer but I didn't see any wine.......

All in all......nice guy serving us and good food.

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Anonymous said...

JE-my mom introduced me to the Target brand of "TUCKS" know those moist,medicated butt wipes they use in nursing homes. Perhaps if your pooper continues to work OT you may want to stop by TARGET and getcha some fer yer sore ass.
Just a helpful hint from your friend Jayne, a gal who's looking out for your "curry hot pot".