Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glorious Blue Valley Announces Cutback Options Too

Everyone knew they were coming. Everyone knew they would be deep and rough.

Maybe Blue Valley will add a couple failing schools to their list and qualify for some Obama-funds after all these cuts are complete.

This proposal will send a shock wave through mini-van land and you can bet the public forums will make closing schools in KCMO look like a Junior Service League Tea.

Oh the humanity......not our dear Blue Valley School District too? The beacon of hope for all that is good with public education. We live in the real world after all I guess.

Over $9 million more in cuts for next year!

I took a run through the cuts and you know what.........they seem pretty fair and equitably distributed with one exception.

I'd like to see at least a symbolic cut, if not an actually meaningful one, in compensation for people in the Superintendent's office before class size is increased by one kid before one music teacher loses their job, and before one paraprofessional position is eliminated.

Also, pull the plug on that ridiculous Blue Valley Television.....I could live with never seeing another kid pretending to be a reporter. Oh and cut that really ridiculous show choir at the high school. I'd love to never have to sit through another one of those concerts again.


No elementary strings or band programs.

No 7th and 8th grade athletic programs.

Reduce number of coaching positions in high school.

Increase class sizes in Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Eliminate some paraprofessional positions, custodians, admins, Middle school resource officers, etc.

In summary, schools will be a little dirtier, a little less safe and some people will lose their jobs. Oh, and a little quieter without all those kids trying to play instruments.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

JE-I just read that half of the KC-MO schools are closing!! Is there any way that could be blamed on Bush?(hardy harhar)
Wyatt's Special Ed teacher,30 yr veteran,just got her non-renewal. Her $60k salary was part of the budget cut! But the BAD 5k teacher I am keeping him away from is still on staff thanks to the union!
JY in WI

I Travel for JOOLS said...

No 7th-8th grade athletic programs? Like football, volleyball, etc? Wow, even we in USD 232 are keeping those programs but our band programs don't start till middle (6th) school. I haven't heard what our cuts are going to be yet but I'm sure they're coming.

Bottom line is everybody needs to pull in the belt. The alternative is ever increasing taxes which is not acceptable.

JOCOeveryman said...

Exactly JOOLS. I'm with you. Those need to go before other things and more taxes won't work.