Thursday, March 11, 2010

Increase of Beer and Liquor Tax On Ice.

This tax hasn't been touched in 30 years. I don't think increasing it a little bit would slow down sales any more than the current archaic distribution laws they already have. I mean seriously.....Kansas has some of the most restrictive laws around. I might surprise you but considering our budget woes maybe they could take a looksy at it. I guess it means JOCO Cougars can still get young men drunk for cheap(er).

It has been tabled which means it is dead.

Kansas: Kansas legislators table vote on alcohol tax
Mar 10th
Kansas lawmakers Wednesday
tabled a proposal to raise a wholesale tax on alcohol to help fund mental health
programs and services for disabled Kansans.
It's the latest tax measure to
falter in the Legislature as lawmakers look for ways to close a budget deficit
pegged at $467 million.
The proposed liquor tax hike would have added a few
pennies to the cost of beer, wine and spirits. It would raise an estimated $21.8
million, which would be split evenly between mental health programs and services
for the developmentally disabled.
Lawmakers on the House Tax Committee balked
Wednesday, voting to table the measure indefinitely. It's possible the idea
could resurface at a later time.
Rep. Kay Wolf, a Prairie Village Republican,
is the sponsor of the bill. She noted the programs for the disabled and mentally
ill serve the state's most vulnerable citizens and have had to absorb deep
budget cuts.
"Mental health was cut $20 million since 2007," Wolf said. ". I
believe this population is one we need to help almost more than anyone. Without
us, I don't think there is much help for them."
But other lawmakers on the
committee said they feared a higher liquor tax could hurt bars, restaurants and
liquor stores.
Others noted the money could be redirected by legislative
budget committees to fund other programs.
"It's highly unlikely this money is
going to get where it's supposed to go," said Rep. Arlen Siegfreid, an Olathe
Republican. ".we're going to end up with a tax increase that's not going to do
what it was intended to do."
The current tax rate is 18 cents per gallon of
beer, 30 cents per gallon of wine and $2.50 per gallon of alcohol. The tax
hasn't been raised in 30 years.

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