Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leawood Rocks on Thoughtful Development

It reports Leawood as being ranked worst in terms of permit approval time. Our neighbor, Overland Park, ranked last in time AND cost. Ouch.

At face value it would be easy to see this as a smack on Leawood. I don't.

I guess developers would see this as a negative that they can't ram through a commercial project before anyone has a chance to really study it.

This is Leawood, not Gardner or Wyandotte County. Development should be thoughtful with people given opportunity to be heard on it. Leawood should be given a high five for this ranking. It says to me we don't have a huge bureaucracy waiting around for work....we are lean. It says we are busy with lots of people wanting to develop stuff here. It says we don't rubber stamp stuff so it is done right and it will enhance our community. Ever see a building someplace and say, "what were they thinking??" I don't see that in Leawood too much.

I think it is refreshing and positive that developers don't run our city.....the proverbial tail wagging the dog.

For now....this is a highly desirable area for development. I imagine it is fun to be the hot chick but that doesn't mean she has to sleep with everyone on the first date.

By the way it wasn't our costs of development that was a problem.....we were middle of the road on that scorecard.


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