Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mike Sweeney Continues to Survive in MLB

I was never a Mike hater nor was he my favorite Royal. He was fortunate that the Royals were desperate to keep a big name player after other guys refused to stay at any price. He was often hurt so we never saw what he might have been capable of but their is little doubt for a couple years he was one of the finest hitters in baseball.

I guess I'd rather see him than some jerk off get paid. They have him and Ken Griffey Jr on the same team.......rename them the Seattle Geriatics? Get Depends and the AARP as sponsors?

I'm very excited about baseball season. Opening Day is right around the corner.

I'm going.....who else? I heard they were adding Stroud's Chicken this year. Yes.

Prediction: I think they win 76 games this year. Aviles, Butler and Maier all have great years but it takes the Royals until June to start playing Mitch on a regular basis and bench/cut Ankiel. Guillen has a better than solid year because it is a contract year and we'll trade him at the trade deadline for a bag of used bats.