Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why are some cops pricks?

I didn't end up in jail or anything like that. I didn't even get pulled over. Driving across JOCO this morning on 151st street today I witnessed something I've seen many times from our Overland Park police. Today I just asked myself why.

For what purpose does a police officer on 151st street purposefully drive 30 miles an hour when the speed limit is 45?

It blocks traffic up worse than even a grandpa doing the same thing. Most JOCO idiots don't want to pass the officer even though they won't be speeding. This backs everything up and gets the people at the back of the herd pissed off. Then possibly not knowing there is an officer holding everyone up once they do get an opening they shoot past and ooops!

So, yes, I'm calling this OP police officer I saw this morning a real prick. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I'd love for a cop to comment and give me a good reason that relates to safety why that is a good practice.



Old Fart said...

police are all about showing off their power.

driving below the speed limit is a way a cop shows his "gang sign"

because the police are the only gang that doesn't actually have to answer to the law, but they need to poke the law abiders to break it, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I think some cops do place themselves above the law. It thoroughly annoys me when they don't use their turn signals!
JY in WI

Bill the Painter said...

Why? Because they can be! Some may have little...umm something to compensate for...let's leave it at that!

I always pass them (as long as my taillights are working!) and why not? I have nothing to worry about, no warrants or anything. On top of that, I'm not breaking the law! There's no law against passing a cop!