Friday, March 19, 2010

You know this going to pass, right?

I was dying to write a quick post all week about the non drama of the Obama care bill.

While I'm not saying it was going to be easy for the President it is pretty clear to me that this thing will in fact pass, er become law....whatever.

He has too much TARP money at his disposal to spend to not make this happen.

No chance that an additional one sixth of the economy isn't going to be government run. Anybody who really thinks otherwise is a moron.

To me......seriously..........the bigger question in light of all this process, never really getting anything done for the American people, killing ourselves with debt that our grandchildren will have to pay, never changing the way Washington works (or maybe this is what he meant) is our way of government really the best way? It really might be time to seriously rethink this whole thing. Not this whole thing like Health Care. I mean like the WHOLE the Constitution. We were raised to think it is perfect. Check and Balances. Compromise. Will of the people. Of the People. By the People. I'm not saying this as a conservative that is getting ready to lose. This shit didn't work when we were in control either. We borrow money from the Chinese every god damn day and have no plan on paying it back in our lifetime.

This clearly isn't working. This is broke. FAIL.

Knowing what we know now and we were drawing it up from scratch what would it look like? Seriously. We wouldn't do it like this would we? Earmarks. Borrowing for everyday operating costs. Reconcilliation bills. Super majorities. One guy holding up the entire government. Voting for bills nobody has ever read. We wouldn't do it like this again......would we? Certainly not like this fucking mess we call a government.


Radioman KC said...

I've heard this 'well lets start the whole thing over' before. Twenty years or more before.

Imagine, youre in a jumbo jet, flying across the atlantic, carrying the American people aboard. The plane's inefficient, needs new engines, cut back on fuel, cut back on free drinks.

Ya don't start over in midflight. Let that just end this folly until it occurs to another idiot twenty years from now.

I've listened to all this debate, even Rush's propaganda... today's theme is Rush pulling old demo soundbites saying this is just round one of reform. Well, duh!

And then finishing his hour with 'where are the jobs'... oh 'White House says joblessness will go on for several years.' News? No.

When the chinese eat and live modestly, don't have two cars and the highways, don't have all this health care and insurance, car insurance, only one child, more than half the country lives on dirt farms, dont have a big space program, don't fight foreign wars,
well they work cheaper. They don't have the NUT we have to pay to be a law abiding American.

So yup, they'll have our highly paid factory jobs... the ones that disappeared over the last five years, for years to come.

Not Obama's fault. Other than what a 20 percent tariff on Chinese goods would fix. Do you think the republicans would agree? Hell no!

You johnson countians will not be earning your salaries long enough to pay off your mortages unless they're almost paid off already.

You all in big trouble out there. Take care of your cars, you'll be keepin this one longer!

And cutting your own grass becauss Obama's going to force immigration reform so we'll have id cars, required decent wages and health care reform, and then y ou won't be able to afford PEON PRICES for illegals to be cutting and manicuring your big quarter acre lawns.

Smugness is almost over. The poverty is moving up the ladder when we quit going to your upscale stores and hospitals and other medical company providers will have to cut back.

Good times are over. It's happened before. pay off your credit cards as fast as you can and get ready to live on a one salary household income.

Radioman KC said...

What you just read about economic global megatrends? Just like Katie Horner's forcast. Despite a nice mild week we had, but more snow coming.

Anonymous said...

dont give up hope! call the undecided congressmen!

PFL0W said...

Yes, we know it's going to pass and it should.

The only thing is, it should also have a "single-payer" option so all 1300 insurance companies would use the same form(s) and the country could save an estimated $350 billion per year, which would have paid for all this reform, anyway.

That and it should have a "public option" for insurance so we could give the insurance agencies some competition they haven't got up to this point. We believe in Capitalism and competition after all, don't we?

As for being broken, yes, all sides of all aisles think the system is broken. Rather than throw out the Constitution, what we ought to do is get the money out of our campaigns and government. If we would undertake campaign finance reform, that would do it but we won't. We apparently aren't that bright.

So corporations and wealthy people are going to be the only ones that get what they want.

The "little guy", the "man on the street", the working man of the middle and lower classes will continue to get screwed.


Mo Rage

PFL0W said...

In the meantime, Catholic nuns, the American Medical Association and AARP are all behind this reform, such as it is.

It ain't perfect, by a long shot, but it's for us and not the corporations and insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

Mo Rage

JOCOeveryman said...

Radioman.....almost too long to read. I'll admit I skimmed it. No CC debt. Mow my own grass. Live within my means....don't having an illegals doing work for me however don't hold your breath on immigration reform cuz that ain't happening anytime soon.

I haven't listened to Rush in years so I'm not sure what that is about.

I'm not even sure the good times are over.

I'm saying maybe we need to tweak the constitution and get some more simple rules that allow these idiots from hiding and sticking crap in these bills, create crazy process and the like. We need to be able to get something done. Maybe we don't need 2 houses of congress, hell I don't know but this sure the hell ain't working.

JOCOeveryman said...

MoRage.....get the money out of government and campaigns? Good luck....when all they do is spend money you can't get it out. Impossible. Campaign finance reform isn't even close to enough....but sign me up for a good place to start.

Government option and competition are incongruent. Come on man. I see your point but really. You think the government can do anything efficiently? It is so complex. Is the government going to force doctors to practice when they all start quitting? Are they going to force researchers to find new drugs? Where does the government control stop? Sound crazy? What is enough for you? Maybe they will choose your kid's future profession too.

Just give them all our money and let them decide how to spend it. Good ideas.

Anonymous said...

Wow....some long and thoughtful comments.....Radioman seems to think you are Rush Limbaugh or something?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

clearly we would not do it like this......this is messed up.