Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rabbit Invasion.

I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee this AM and there are like 5 rabbits playing in the backyard.

These things destroy my landscaping. Hostas are like crack to them.

They drive my dog crazy and I want to let him go after them but it seems so sadistic to let him go just to be forced with the decision to bust through the wireless fence and take the jolt that comes with it or stop and watch his prey bound just out of reach yet not out of sight. So I keep him in.

I hate the rabbits. There seem to be even more this spring. Last year I sprayed anti-rabbit stuff on my plants and they seemed to mock me as the munched away.

What I found that worked the best was going out in black of night and pissing on them. The plants not the rabbits. Rabbits may be into water sports.....I don't know. If I could get close enough to piss on the rabbits I'd just brain the fuckers with a 9 iron. I think I need a blow gun or maybe a pellet gun. Something has got to be done about these rabbits. I wonder how they taste?

This year I'll not to try to repell them. This year I kill them.

These rabbits are prolific in JOCO as well..........but in my mind perfectly welcome if it keeps everyone happy.......including battery sales reps.

Of course if you could find one that would open a bottle of wine as well.......that would be huge! So 2 rabbits I'm okay with......the another should just be a meal.

And for today.........cause I 'm really busy.......ble ble be.....that's all folks.

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