Friday, May 7, 2010

Farmland 1985 Classic.......please stop

We have to be the most pathetic city in the country.

Who else is completely sick of reliving 1985? It is so sad we have nothing else. Look, I love those guys. They were my heros growing up. George, Frank and Willie were my favorite players. I wanted to hit like George. I wanted to run down fly balls and steal bases like Willie Wilson and I just wanted to BE Frank White the man. Even then he was a classy, classy man who could really play the game the right way.

This is sad like an old man contantly talking about his high school football glory one game or play he had that was great. Like Al Bundy.

So we have the Farmland 1985 Classic......a softball game between 1985 Royals and Cardinals. Cardinal fans must think we are complete idiots.

But I AM SICK of hearing about 1985. Don't kids today deserve to have their own decent memories of Royals baseball? What are they gonna talk about? Fireworks and Zack Greinke?

I say we pass a law that says no more fucking tributes to 1985 until the Royals have a winning year. PA-THET-IC!

Seriously.....I can't figure out why I still care but I watched that game last night to the bitter end as they fought back and then Soria gives up not one but 2 homers.

Will I ever get another moment of glory with this team????? Yes, I actually still have this Sports Illustrated from 1985.


PFL0W said...

holy cow... you couldn't be more right about this. St. Louis and the Cardinals must be laughing their collective butts off at us.

pathetic. tru dat

deeply pathetic

Mo Rage

Anonymous said...

I travel to St Louis often and they do laugh at us if they think of us at all.....the biggest insult is that they don't. Good Post.