Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beebe is still an idiot.

I was on vacation last week so I took a vacation from the blog too I guess.

I'm not going to redo the whole Big 12 thing but I was watching it while I traveled. I wrote awhile back why I thought Missouri wasn't going to the Big Ten and that was way before all this got started. I thought I was going to look, well, stupid because I was classic fashion Missouri got snubbed by the Big Ten and then according to the Star article even called and asked for a lifeline from them but was rebuffed again. Then they became very loyal all the sudden to the idea of the Big 12. Funny, they were ones that really started the whole thing when they got the shaft on the Orange Bowl a couple years ago. This could have been a disaster for Kansas. Colorado fits better in the PAC 10. They care more about lifestyle and scenery than winning and losing.....perfect fit.

But here is my real take.......

Everyone wants to give Dan Beebe all this credit for saving the Big 12 in his finest hour. I call bullshit. He isn't that smart and he is that proactive. If I had to take a guess at how it went down I'm gonna say that Fox Sports called him and walked him through how to save the Big 12. Fox is WAY smarter than all those Big 12 idiots. They have wanted to take a piece out of the college football action for awhile and are willing to pony up the money.
He has to be the most overpaid person in sports.

Credit Fox Sports for this not Beebe.

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