Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm being watched from DC

I have a neat little tool on my site that gives me some intelligence on visitors to the blog. I've noticed the past couple weeks I've had someone from through the server of the House of Representatives of the United Freaking States of America checking out the blog.

They seem especially interested in the posts on Todd T-Hard-On.

I'm sure they are just interested in what the average JOCO conservative is thinking........maybe some insight as to how he is getting his ass kicked in the polls so much.

Now, I know that wouldn't be any kind of campaign work because doing campaign work with the government's resources would be wrong..........and I know T-Hard-On would never consider something less than ethical. Prolly just a fan of the blog :-)

I just thought it was interesting that I have a fan over in DC. Keep reading. I am the jocoeveryman.


Anonymous said...

jocoeveryman, the reason why you are seeing this activity from DC is that the majority of Tiahrts campaign staff is on the offical payroll. You have to remember Tiahrt's problems with ethics.

He doesn't have any.

Anonymous said...

Dude, there are black helicopters over your house.....wrap yourself in aluminum foil and get in the bathtub.

Anonymous said...

you're doomed.

Anonymous said...