Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zest is Cooked.

I've been a fan and promoter of Zest since it opened.

I didn't see much play on this but to me this is a big deal. Depending on the spin you read Zest has sold or is going to be managed by the people of own Avenues Bistro in Brookside along with current partner Mike Schreiber.

Here is what is clear. KC restaurant icon Joe DiGiovanni is out along with one of Kansas City's most underpublicized and under appreciated chef's Linda Duerr.

Thing is I can't see straight through the PR spin. Apparently business wasn't great or maybe overhead just too high. Mike Schreiber and Joe DiGiovanni might have had differences in vision. Bottom line is Joe is out and they are out. Avenues in. I guess Schreiber is still there?

Running a big operation like Zest is NOTHING like running a cute little bistro in Brookside and I predict Avenues staff will eff it up big time. They do a good job where they are but this is like the T-Bones and dare I say.........the Royals. Apparently they are adding a brunch and while that is nice and all you can't swing a dead cat in joco anymore on a Sunday without hitting a high priced breakfast brunch. It seems like every restaurant out here thinks it will solve their cash flow problem. I hope Linda Duerr finds a new kitchen soon........I'll be there when she arrives. Great resume. Lidia's, Frondizi's, JJ's and Zest......not bad company.

I guess I'll just say I'm skeptical. Not having Joe DiGiovanni will definitely be a loss. Good news....there are plenty of other Mission Farms places to spend your money.

For all of you who loved Zest I guess I'm saying be prepared for it to never be the same. Damn. Sad.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad. I loved Zest.