Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who do you see?

Let me tell you a little story.

This morning my young, naked son flopped on the ground after I told him to stop doing something. This is his current form of protest for things which he doesn’t like or want to do. He flops on the ground in the prone position and with his butt in the air. If you can imagine, he had his legs spread and if he had the letter “B” on each cheek it would have spelled “BOB”.

I was standing behind him as I looked down at him with his naked butt in the air. True Story.

I thought to myself it really depends on who you are right now as you look down at this little naked boy with his ass in the air and what you see.

To a pedophile or a priest this would be beyond something that is fair and would require….dare I say a response. My mother would have immediately pulled out her camera phone and captured a funny new screen saver. Me? Well, as the father recalling even as recently as last week when I threw up in my mouth a little bit as I had to do a middle of the night clean up of something so vile, foul……..and prolific both in terms of volume and aromatics which had come out of that orifice…I saw it quite differently.

I saw nothing but a little asshole stuck defiantly in the air wanting, no demanding, that everyone take notice that he had been wronged regardless of how petty. But, as his father, I loved him none the less……if not more because I knew he’d be a better man someday because of my admonition. Plus, I was also just glad it as was, well, in a word…..clean.

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