Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phillllllllll Kline back in the news!

If you've been a reader of this blog you know I'm a Libertarian leaning conservative and I abhor abortion. I believe every soul is precious and God-created for a purpose.

I also believe that the ends don't justify the means. I also believe that hand in hand with that notion if you consider yourself a Christian is that doing whatever you do must be done above reproach AND with excellence. A zealot is a zealot regardless if they do it in the name of Christ or Allah.

I get that there is a vendetta against Phillllll Kline but I also think he has brought much of this on himself and that he has SO sadly kidnapped the support of the Pro-Life crowd and continues to use it for his own gain. I have said repeatedly that he would take advantage of the Pro-Life crowd and become their sweetheart and use it to get as rich as possible. So far he has leveraged it into a teaching position at Liberty University when otherwise after losing several elections he would have been begging for a job as an assistant trim carpenter for John Toplikar.

If he hadn't been so slimy all along the way he wouldn't have given people ammunition and he could have stood on higher ground. He brings us all who believe life is precious down with him. For that he should be ashamed.

The charges against Planned Parenthood deserve a fair and full hearing. Steve Howe's office is responsible to see that happens.

The problem for me is I like people like Jill Stanek who have made it their life work to end abortion but I'm puzzled why someone like her would want to be connected with a person like Phill Kline. I do not. I think it is horrible that she use this to raise money. I'm disappointed in her. Phill Kline is no martyr. Phill has duped good people on the national pro-life scene and it makes me sick.

I don't believe that the current action against Kline is meant to scare and intimidate future prosecutors from action against Planned Parenthood as much as it is meant to keep the integrity in our legal process and the two shouldn't be confused by either side. I've got no problem with hardball but I have little tolerance for a lack of ethics.

We'll have to see how this current action with the Kansas Ethics hearings against him turns out. I don't care either way. He will make his money from the Pro-Life crowd speaking and teaching but thankfully his welcome in Kansas is effete.

Phill Kline is no martyr. Just like Jerry Johnston.......what comes around goes around. The church I attend is debt free and lives within it's means.

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