Thursday, February 24, 2011

Senate Bill 54 Moves to Floor of Senate!!! Yes!

We have some momentum on this! Committee votes 8-1 to send Senate Bill 54 to the floor to support our economy.

Again, free the wine. Free the wine.

There is a great report in this story about how what I've been saying is true on It will bring more and better jobs. It will give grocery stores in rural Kansas a better chance when right now some towns are losing their only grocery store.

Did you know Kansas has the fourth highest amount of liquor stores per capita in the whole freaking country? This is a long read but I found it very interesting.

I wish I owned a liquor store near a grocery store in Kansas today. I've heard that grocery stores will have to buy their license if they want to get in during the 3 year grace period and they will pay in six figures per. Not a bad little exit strategy when many of the these little mom and pops last year were worth little more than their dusty inventory. So old guy owner who sits in the store watching tv while you pick up Chardonnay for the old lady gets a much better payday and than he ever would. How's that for putting up with a little old man stink? is getting closer to a big win for the Kansas consumer and for jobs and tax revenue.

BTW, this whole notion all liquor stores going out of business is nonsense. Only the shitty ones that smell like old man stink will close. At the corner of 103rd and State line in Missouri there is a Price Chopper, a Berbiglia and Royal Liquor. All have been there for years. Over at 135th and State line Lukas seems to do pretty well with a Wal-Mart and a Target across the street.....all in Missouri.

Let's go. Write your Senator and tell them to Free Your Wine!


tom g said...

Interesting take; I have been reading up on this as well. The biggest proponents are Walmart,Quik trip, big chain grocery stores. Not suprisingly those opposed are the liquor stores and the temperance movement *Yeah I know(those guys are still around??). Ultimately its profits (and WHERE those profits end up) versus consumer needs. The whole "jobs" thing is really a joke. Big Box stores will put mom and pops out of business. 'Nuff said. Here in Johnson county I don't really feel inconvienced by having to visit a liquor store. In the end I am siding with the our local stores on this one. I think we have seen enough money head to Bentonville, AR.

JOCOeveryman said...

Tom is basically ignoring what we know about competition, consumer choice, the free market AND what experts say about this issue. The jobs thing is not a joke. There are multitude of actual examples in other states that prove you wrong. Certainly the sales tax issue isn't incorrect. Kansas would win and Missouri would lose. I understand the emotional response but doing something wrong for 75 years is no reason to just continue it. Thanks for reading. Let's get this thing passed.