Friday, February 29, 2008

President Bush is Sassy

I'll make this one short because I want to blog on something else today but I have to get this one on the books first.

If you had a chance to see President Bush's press conference yesterday there were some really interesting things that happened. Anyone who reads this.....crickets.......knows I'm a conservative but I don't want this to be political. This is a critical look at how he performed yesterday. I'm thinking he has been watching old tapes of Reagan, President Clinton, and Obama stump speeches .

First, he was really good and smart. I mean better than maybe I've ever seen him. It certainly makes you rethink him as the class dunce that the media makes him. Where has this been for the past 7 and 1/2 years? He was quick. In the past it was like he stopped to think..."what did Rove tell me say about that?" When President Clinton did it he would bite his lower lip and we all thought he really thinking about his answer with some deep thoughtfulness. He pulled it off perfectly everytime. He was funny. He often tries this but it never seems on the mark or an inside joke the rest of us aren't in on. He was a little surly, yet sublte, on politics. He said he didn't want to comment on the current campaign and then proceeded to land jabs and right crosses on Obama which didn't go unnoticed by Obama. That tells you they were worth noting. President Bush hasn't been subtle with too much so it was the finer points that were well done.

Second, he used questions from reporters to make points instead of just answer questions. One example was on the question about $4 gasoline. When asked what he would recommend to make people feel better about inflation...stagflation he said make the tax cuts permanent. It was really dumb to say that he hadn't heard that experts were predicting $4 gas by summer because that makes him look out of touch. Anyone who watches the news or reads a paper got that because the liberal media loves that stuff. CNN ran it over and over again. You know he doesn't watch that channel. It was the only sound bite I think the late night shows and pundits will enjoy using. If he hadn't made that comment it might have said it was his only perfectly executed press conference of his administration.

Last, I learned that I think the media really actually likes him as just a guy. I mean the media that covers him day in and out at the White House. I think they enjoyed the interaction. When one reporter asked a question directly on politics that he said he wouldn't answer he gave her another try. The press corp clearly didn't like her follow up question because you could hear the moans in the room and one actual....."come on". Whereas the President shrugged and said should we all vote on it? They clearly don't agree with him because they are the media and the media is liberal.....Norah O'Donnell excluded.....but you could tell this is a guy they like. I'll be interested to see what they say about that after he is out of office.

And because it was so good I saw little coverage of it on the afternoon and evening cable shows. I was really looking forward to Hardball. I'm thinking, Matthews has to even admit this was a great show for President Bush and ask the same thing.....where has this been for 2 terms? But no, barely a mention except for the $4 a gallon gas deal and how Obama used it to make him look out of touch. For me, it was simply evidence of just how good it was for them not to cover it better. They love the gaffes and because nobody watches that stuff most will never know.

How about Matt Drudge outing Prince Harry for serving his country? What a putz. If nobody else will apologize for him to England.....I will. Sorry about that mum. That was in poor taste.

Here is a picture of my favorite press secretary of all time..........

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