Monday, February 25, 2008

Signs I'm growing old........

A little departure from some of the other topics of late.......

I'm getting old and here was the indicator this weekend. I pulled or strained muscle in my back not while doing yard work, shoveling snow, or even tossing my kids around.......I've hurt myself doing all that stuff before.

This injury was new. This was a first and something that marks a completely different stage of my life. I hurt my back having.....well.....let's say having "relations" with my wife. What now? Do I have to stretch beforehand from now on? Oh, honey, hang on a sec.....I need to warm up first. I need to stretch out the old back.

Now, in all fairness it was the second round of the day after having some nice morning "relations" and we were looking forward to getting the kids to bed early and resuming our morning activities. Still, I'm feeling pretty pathetic. I hurt myself having sex.

I'm just wondering if other middle aged guys have injured themselves doing the no pants dance?

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