Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Different Angle on the Spitzer Scandal

This is going to shock you. I know you will be amazed that many of us continue to be shocked at the liberal bias of the press. Yesterday, The Kansas City Star printed a front page story on Governor Eliot Spitzer's involvement as a client with a prostitution ring. I like to think I'm a well read guy and usually know who the players are in national politics but I couldn't remember if he was a democrat or a republican. He is reputedly so tough on crime and has a reputation for high morals and ideals that it would seem like a reasonable bet that he was in fact a republican. So, I 'm reading the story and usually right after they mention a politican they note his party but not in this article. Nope, no mention that he is actually a democrat. In fact, I had to go off the front page to the rest of the story and glean from the fact that it mentions his Lt. Governor is a democrat to surmise his party affiliation. Now you can say I'm a little over the top on liberal bias but I think not. It appears they go out of their way to NOT mention his party. The Star should be ashamed of themselves. I'm so sick of the liberal bias of the media.

Also, on a complete digression.....I'd really like to punch Keith Olbermann right in the damn nose. I'm starting to really develop a deep dislike for the guy.

I'm not defending any of these fallen public figures indiscretions but when Larry Craig had a faulty stance in a Minnesota bathroom stall everyone knew this guy was a republican from the first sentence of the coverage. I'm sick of it. They carefully deceive the average person in this world who just don't pay as close of attention with the sum result as people being misinformed.

Now, on to Eliot Spitzer. Too much is already being said by lots of people but a couple thoughts. First, interesting little side note of the story how the feds were "routinely" reviewing bank transactions that had been reported as suspicious. Be careful and know that your bank transactions are not private and your bank has a obligation to report any large transactions to the authorities. This practice preceeded 9/11 by a long way so don't be ignorant and blame George Bush.

Also, don't you really feel for these wives? Silda Spitzer looked absolutely whipped standing up there by him. And if I can be a little caddy for a second.....what is he thinking? She is a nice looking woman and he is no glamour boy. That's a lucky guy and I'm sure on a better day she looks even better. I mean Larry Craig's wife, Suzanne, looks like a guy in drag so in reality that doesn't surprise me at all. Silda is a pretty, classy looking woman and uh....well was realitively free if you are Eliot. I mean there is that suggestion that no sex is free if you are a man, right? If you are dating you have to wine and dine them usually more than once, buy them stuff, dress right....and all that costs money. I bet if you add it up it might be cheaper to just get the whore. If you are married you better keep up the investment you made or the returns will diminish AND you have to take care of yourself by working out, eating right.......the whore doesn't care about any of that. So, with all morality aside if you just need some..."relief" from a pure cost to value ratio......perhaps I shouldn't go there.

I respect her for standing up there with him. They have kids and it would be easier for her to kick him out but I suspect she knows staying is the best chance for her family.

I think most of us really, really just hate the hypocrisy. Spitzer being the hard nosed, giving no breaks prosecutor with the high moralistic positions. Larry Craig actively working to make the lives of homosexuals more difficult. Locally guys like Pastor Jerry Johnston living the life of Rockefeller while preaching to us about humility and admonishing us to give back to God's work or that other Pastor who used homosexual prostitutes...I forget his name. Anyway, we all make mistakes in life and we don't get our dirty laundry hanged out for everyone to see but also most of us live our lives in way that is consistent with our morals both in the day and the night, in the sun and in the shadows. That is what makes these guys such jackasses.

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