Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Jayhawk Question that nobody is asking

First, sorry I haven't posted since March 12. You know it is so Johnson County of me to run off with my kids to some warm (and undisclosed) location for a week plus of R&R. It was great. I got some sun and got to work our everyday.

Anyway, I needed to jump back into the blog so I thought I'd pick a real softball today in the Jayhawks. We love'em. That game was awesome but the question I don't hear everyone asking is that if Bill Self leaves who would replace him AND if Bill Self turns OSU down who will they hire? Those seem to be the more interesting questions. If Self decides to make even more crazy money and set his family up for the rest of their lives could you really blame him? At least he has been stand up enough to deal with it head on unlike Roy. Okay, that is typical of us JOCO Jayhawks too......seemingly hating on Roy. Before I deal with my thoughts on who is next in all regards lets me just say I always liked Roy and appreciated his time at Kansas. It was just his flip flopping that got us all upset with him. "I'm staying....I'm going" stuff.

If Coach Self leaves would we go after Coach Calipari? He has ties to KU. He reportedly strolled on the Riverwalk with Larry Brown who still has deity status in Lawrence. Could it be Danny Manning? He certainly seems committed to KU and is showing himself a student of coaching by working under people who know the business. How about Turgeon? God help us. I thought for awhile he was the answer if Self left but he seems to cry too much about everything. Finally, would Larry Brown come back for the swan song to his career? He is quoted as saying that leaving was one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Who would be my favorite look right now? Give me Larry Brown back and make me believe that he is because of his age finally at his final stop. He is old so you are probably only talking about 5 years but it would be a great ride. Then, just maybe Danny Manning would be ready to take the program for the next 20 years after.

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