Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My little part of Johnson County is experiencing issues with coyotes as of late and it is getting attention in The Star and from the local government.

It has been reported in the paper and made into a local legend among grade schoolers in the area that small pets have become snacks for the new found fearlessness of the coyotes. While some are clearly true based on the....shall we say evidence left behind.......but if we had as many issues as the kids are saying replacement pet sales would be booming.

Every kid apparently knows someone whose dog has been attacked by a coyote and every dog that has disappeared hasn't just run off (check the pound) they were snatched by a hungry coyote. The legend of a few attacks are growing and alleged sightings grow by the evening.

So much so that it has caught the attention of the Leawood City Council who took time from a rushed meeting (KU title game night) to discuss the issue and hear from the Police Chief and the City Administrator on the problem. Apparently, they are losing their fear of humans because nobody around here can shoot them according to the city but that doesn't seem like a reasonable solution in the city limits. Other solutions that might harm our pets like poisoning are out as well so maybe the coyotes are well reasoned to not be afraid of us? I was also interested to know that using most kinds of traps are illegal in the city as well....apparently it is common in most municipalities to outlaw them. So, they are determining that this might be a job for professionals with special traps and why not spend tons of money on the problem. It is becoming the american way of handling problems, no?

In digression, the city administrator commented quite colorfully on his experiences as a hunter with coyotes and shooting them. For a moment I thought I was at a meeting in Spring Hill, not Leawood. 'Dem coyotes are gud eatin, huh, Scott? Can you hear the beginning riff of "Dueling Banjos" beginning faintly in the background?

Don't worry, there is little evidence that they attack humans, even small children because they don't see us as food. Just a precaution, Trailer Park Tracie might want to stop leaving her toddler in the sideyard, er, uh, aka salvage car lot, spare parts storage area, unattended because they are getting brave and the way the kids are talking there WILL be limb-less kids coming to school in the coming weeks.

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