Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crap! I found something useful in the The Sun

In these days of going green and reducing your carbon footprint I had been bothered by the decision of the The Sun newspaper to deliver something I had little intention of ever reading to my driveway once a week.

I made it a practice of simply taking it off the driveway, skinning the plastic and putting it straight into the green tub. I didn't even want to give it the chance that I might be interested in the content. I always just viewed it as worthless.

Today was different. Today for some reason I looked at it after pulling back the plastic. I saw an article by Steve Rose breaking some news about the admission of Sam Brownback that he might be interested in running for governor. It was interesting so I read it. Then I saw another article about the Stilwell annexation. As you know, I've been interested in that so I read that as well. Okay this is getting silly, I'm finishing my first cup of coffee and haven't even broken open The Star. So, I think to myself......The Star probably wrote on these same topics today if I'd just look. So, I look but no.....this is news only reported by The Sun.

Crap, I am forced to admit that I read The Sun and found it nice and useful. Well done.

Brownback for Governor? Whatever it takes to get the governor's mansion back in republican hands I'm pretty much for right now. I mean in this solid red state it is embarrassing to have a democrat.

Stilwell annexation fight? I wrote pretty extensively on it awhile back so if you want to see where I stand go back a few months but in a nutshell I think those who want to fight to keep Overland Park out are selfish and emotionally unrealistic. It was interesting to see that a couple property owners are asking for OP annexation and the guy quoted, Darrel Dougan, thinks they are just trying to make a buck. Like I said before......there will be many, many more. Further, he is dreaming if he thinks he can maintain services without raising the mill. This is fight I think they lose.


Jay said...

The last think we need is this Republican nut. If it is going to be a republican, anyone but him. I think Kris Kobach would be great! Long live Sebelius!

JOCOeveryman said...

Well, I'd certainly take that too. I like Kobach and certainly could be a rising star. I frankly hadn't thought about him and you know if Brownback runs there won't be a republican to challenge him.

You don't like Brownback? I think he has been solid and a I think he has proven the ability to think about problems AND work with the other side like on immigration.

Sebelius doesn't inspire me at all and my only hope is that she doesn't seek the Senate after her time is up. I don't dislike her she is just a do nothing governor.

I'd be interested to see your thoughts on why you think he is nuts. Thanks for posting.