Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Okay, I was wrong

Wow, I guess I need to pull the fish hook out of my mouth. Perhaps I need to change the channel off of NBC. I fell for the fact that the press was just simply trying to will Obama to a win in Texas and Ohio. The polls were tightening but I think the pundits over-thunk it and so did I. Obama spent like crazy and Hillary pulled out the wins she needed to keep this thing going. I picked Obama for both primaries and we clearly really wrong.

This is great for us Republicans. Let them keep beating each other up, spending money while we get ready for the general election.
CNN was making a big deal out of the higher amounts of money coming for the 2 democrasts and questioning how could the republicans possibly compete? I commented at the time that this is because there is a contest for the democrats that is energizing people. Do I need to send McCain money to beat Huckabee? No, we knew it would happen. He'll need my money for the general and once he gets his hands on the RNC money machine (mailing lists) he'll have all the money he needs to compete.

This is getting fun. Giddy up.


Jay said...

Hey, I enjoy your blog and the comments that you leave on my blog. Really, I do!

Jay said...

Enjoy your blog and the comments you leave on mine, really I do!

JOCOeveryman said...

Thanks Jay! You know I like yours too because I read it all the time. Look forward to more.