Thursday, March 6, 2008

Danny Clinkscale.........Not necessarily a genius

I listen to 810 Sports WHB. I enjoy sports talk. I enjoy the shows and the banter. I miss Whitlock but other than that life is really pretty okay for Kansas City sports.
I laugh at one thing that comes up on a regular basis. Every office has that guy. He is that guy that everyone thinks is the smartest guy in the office. When there are tough questions everyone says go ask the smart guy....he'll know.

At 810 WHB, everyone thinks Danny Clinkscale is that guy. They scratch their heads at his vocabulary and his apparent license to correct other's improper use of the English language. They wax eloquent often about his apparent intellect in a way that would make you think the man is a rocket scientist.

Let me explain something to the lame brains over at 810 WHB. Danny is not a genius. Danny is a genius by comparison to the company which he finds himself. Danny has a vocabulary and intellect that is considered appropriate and normal to most of us in the average south Johnson County world. I laugh when Danny uses a word that is higher than the average third grader would use and the rest of the guys on the air start bellowing about his impressive use of the english language.

Danny reads books about things other than sports. Hey Kevin, that is normal. Perhaps it isn't fair to stereotype and I don't mean to be a "negator". I'll digress for a second on the word "negator". Kevin loves this word. He discovered this word and I guess he thinks it sounds like a word that makes him look smart. Anyway, funny stuff. The other day Kevin was talking about a place where two rivers come together and he says something like.....uh, what's the word Danny about where rivers come together? Danny says, "confluence. I think the word you want is confluence" Kevin says....."yea, that's, Danny you are a one wicked smart guy." Yea, I guess. What a wordifier!

It is the same principal on guys like Tony LaRussa and Bob Boone. People hold them up as these really uber-smart guys. Again, in the baseball world, they probably are pretty smart but against the backdrop of the rest of the educated word....not so much. Probably in reality just a bit above average. What is funny is when they start believing it themselves.

I like Danny just fine. He is a good guy. I'm not banging on Danny. I'd like to think I'd enjoy spending time with Danny. It is the rest of the guys at 810 WHB like Leabo and Kevin who need to read a book about something other than sports, maybe check out the other sections of the newspaper once in awhile. Danny is just your average, well rounded, well educated midwestern guy.

On a seperate note but still on Danny that I do think is funny is that he is the ultimate man of leisure when it comes to business travel. Soren does have it right when he comments that Danny takes a full travel day for each trip he goes. All of the rest of us take late flights, travel early in the morning, travel late at night to be somewhere to start early the next day. Not Danny. Danny doesn't hurry anywhere. I'm surprised the station doesn't call him on it but it is funny. Soren has it right.

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