Thursday, May 8, 2008

Toilet Seats that won't stay up

I guess the title says it all. I've been really peeved by toilet seats in that won't stay in places like restaurants, airplanes, gas stations etc.

What is the deal? It is so annoying. You put it up to piss and it falls right back down. I noticed this first on many Southwest flights. You try to hold it up and hold your junk at the same time and the plane is moving....nothing but trouble.

Girls complain about us putting it down and for some reason many people can't make it stay up for us guys. Is there some cruel irony or justice there for all the times we've left it down and pissed on it or left it up and you know what happens?

I don't want to touch it anymore than I have to and trying to "catch it" is just trouble. Anyone guys out there peeved about that too?


Anonymous said...

I have never understood why you guys have to have the seat up in the first place? Can't you just pee through the hole? Don't touch the seat, that is just nasty! I get the plane one, but in restaurants/bars don't they have urinals?

JOCOeveryman said...

That is funny...."can you just pee through the hole"? That is precisely what all men have been saying forever. Guys can't seem to figure out that if they dribble on the seat they should wipe it up. Many of us have poor aim and for me well....have you ever tried blasting a fire hose into such a small opening? But seriously folks.....had to throw in a little locker room humor.

Many places do have urinals which is the ideal situation but I'm just talking about all the smaller places...especially that only have one bathroom for both sexes.

Yes, touching the seat is nasty.