Monday, August 25, 2008

Dennis Moore wears flip-flops at perfect time

Dennis Moore is a liberal almost all the time. I demonstrated that in an earlier post about his voting record. The people I am against give him their best ratings but Dennis represents a moderate to conservative area so what is guy to do to get by?

I said a liberal almost all the time. When isn't he? Well, how about when it gets close to election time and he gets permission from Nancy Pelosi to take a different position until after the election? Nick Jordan has made it a campaign issue that Rep. Moore has been against expanding drilling....towing the party line that his boss Nancy Pelosi wants him to tow. It was scoring some points so Rep. Moore comes out this week and says he has changed his mind on the issue. Hey, Dennis, way to come out on it when the issue was hot and when it would have actually put a little pressure on your leadership to work with the President on the issue of expanding drilling! Nice leadership. I don't want to get into the whole drilling debate but those who say it won't make a difference for 10 years or more......too bad our leadership from both parties from 10 years ago didn't make it a priority. What will they say about this group 10 years from now......? Way to look out for the future and take a little leadership. Just because it won't help before the next election cycle doesn't mean it isn't the right thing to do.

Let's call this what is it is. Dennis Moore thinks we are all stupid enough to think he makes a decision on his own in Washington. He comes across as disingenuous and as pandering for moderate conservatives who want to be reminded every now and again that it is okay to vote for this guy because, well, he isn't some "right to life, gay hating zealot" that the republicans have insisted on putting up time and time again.

Dennis Moore is not the conservative democrat he likes to pretend to be when he is back home. He is the liberal voting Nancy Pelosi lap dog he is when he is in Washington. You are what you vote and changing a position on an issue after the pressure has eased is as lame as it gets.

When will we get this guy out? When will we wake up?

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