Monday, August 11, 2008

Dennis Moore loves animals, hates babies

Dennis Moore keeps a pretty low profile and seems to keep his nose pretty clean from unsavory scandals from what I can tell. Don't stick a medal on his chest for doing what anyone of character should do anyway.

I did a little research into how our third district man fairs in some key areas. He always tries to pretend when he is home that he is pretty moderate democrat.....a blue dog democrat if you will....but his voting record and how he is graded by people I'd never support tells you he is an old fashioned liberal.

I checked out Project Vote Smart online and thought it was a pretty good resource. I pulled out a couple nuggets:

I received a comment that questioned the information in this post. I said above it is from Project Vote Smart which is easy to find online. It takes a little more than normal intelligence to click through and find the interest group ratings. Here is the link. I hope it clarifies my source. I should have linked to it sooner. It is a good site.

In 2007, he supported the very liberal National Education Association (NEA) 100%.

In 2007, NARAL Pro-Choice gave him a score on supporting them of 100%.

In 2007, he supported The Humane Society's interests 83% of the time. He like animals more than babies apparently.

In 2007, the National Taxpayer's Union, a tax watchdog group, gave him a grade of "F".

The American Civil Liberties Union loves Dennis Moore and gave him a grade of 100%.

The Traditional Values Coalition gave him a grade of ZERO in 2007.

The ultra liberal and radical Sierra Club said he supported their interests 100% in 2003 and in 2008 Environment America another liberal tree hugger group gave him a score of 100%.

The NRA and the Gun Owners of America gave our former law and order man an "F" in 2007.

The AFL-CIO gave him a rating of 96% in 2007. I wonder what he didn't support that they wanted......a bill making Jimmy Hoffa's birthday a national holiday?

The American Bar Association loves him and gave him a score of 100%. Lawyers love him.

Finally, he voted to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.

In summary: Pro Choice, Animal rights, Labor Unions, Lawyers (he is one), and the environmental groups love Dennis Moore. Just a quick question for all you who have crossed over and voted for Dennis Moore.......are those the things you support as well?

You have a choice this time.......Nick Jordan.


travel said...

I did vote for him the first time, but not last time and not this time. I'll vote for Jordan, who may have a pretty good chance. I honestly don't know too much about him though...need to do some research.

One thing about Moore that makes him appealing is that he ALWAYS answers your questions or comments with detailed letters. He even sent me a letter I just got yesterday where I simply called the office and asked one of his staffers to get him to support a specific bill. But, that doesn't outweigh his extreme voting record.

JOCOeveryman said...

You know that IS the thing about Dennis Moore. He stays out of trouble and does all the little courteous stuff you love, except support the right issues.

That is a great comment. Spot on. Like I said in my intro.....we shouldn't pin a medal on his chest for doing what he should do anyway.....just because others don't do it.

Thanks for posting....come back.

Katherineew said...

I'm interested to know where you're getting your information from. It seems rather suspect.

JOCOeveryman said...

Kat.....I got it from Project Vote Smart online. Pretty easy research really.

JOCOeveryman said...

Katherineew: I went back and found the link and added it to the post. Now maybe you will check it out for yourself and see the Dennis Moore who lives in Washington and not the one who shows up in Johnson County and pretends to be a moderate. I hope you will check it out.