Friday, August 15, 2008

Jocoeveryman loves the Olympics

I have been pretty bleary eyed this week staying up to watch the Olympics. What is my deal? The Olympics are for chicks not for a dude like me and what was with the moist, salty droplets forming around my eyes when the American girls took gold and silver in the women's all around gymnastics last night? How did I get sucked into this mess? What's next for me....watching Lifetime Channel and putting up annony posts to Tony's KC about how his pictures of bathing suit beauties demean women? Somebody freaking smack me.

Wait, signs I might be it wrong for me to look at that Nastia Liukin and think she looks pretty hot in that outfit or thinking Shawn Johnson has got a really nice ass? That's completely wrong isn't it? I was trying to convince myself by telling myself that Nastia is at least legal at 19 but I got nothing for Shawn Johnson......she is only 16 and that is just really, really wrong. Not only I am still a dude but in fact I might be a sick dude. Now, can I blame that on movies, media, etc and becoming desensitized to sex in the culture or do I have to take personal responsibility for possibly being a sicko? My doctor told me to slam my testicles between two large leather bound books (of which I have many and my home smells of rich mahogany) every time I think of Shawn Johnson in a sexual way and it should fix it. I think he said 60% of the time it works everytime.

I was thinking as well about beach there a reason I'll watch the women play and not the men? Is there a reason they wear bathing suits to play know for like competitive reasons? Maybe it is to keep the chubby girls from playing. Is there a reason I'll watch the beach version and not the indoor? Can't figure it out......maybe somebody can help me.


jocosob said...

my feelings exactly. God bless girls gymnastics and you stole my damn post idea.

JOCOeveryman said...

You are freaking funny SOB.