Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How did we forget Laura Bush?

I don't have a ton of time this morning but I watched the convention last night and I thought it was pretty good. I thought Fred Thompson was pretty good and to have Joe Liebermann out there was amazing. This guy was the democrat vp nominee for Al Gore for G-d's sake and it shows you how much he respects John McCain. The only person I would have liked to have seen more than Sarah Palin as VP nominee might have been Joe Liebermann but we know the ultra conservatives would have hated that idea.

But beyond all that I was thinking about Laura Bush. What a great lady. So full of grace and so elegant, so cute with that Texas accent. I think with all the lack of approval of her husband we forgot about Laura. Everytime I see her I think she gives a very nice speech and she seems so smart with loads of common sense. She has a nice twinkle in her eye and grin that says, "boy do I toss back the Patron when George isn't around". And great kids too. Isn't it nice you don't hear much about them getting in trouble? Sure, there was a little party action in college but just some drinking........nothing compared to other famous families. I'm sure she is very proud of those pretty young ladies.

So here is to our first lady, Laura Bush. Thank you for your service to our country. While George is out making speeches for money after he leaves office, I'd donate some serious coin to a local charity to have a couple Margaritas and some Tex-Mex with Laura and her kids. I'd have some questions for them for sure.


travel said...

I certainly agree on Laura Bush. Only the anti-Bush hardened dems would diss her.

I am a realist when it comes to Palin. I'm not sure, yet, McCain made the right choice.

If the end game was to win, I think he made a Hail Mary choice. If the end game would have been his own personal choice, it was Lieberman. Since he was finally convinced Lieberman would devastate his base, he said ok, but I'm not giving up my gut which is who I am. So, his gut said Palin. And, Palin it is, with everyone on his team holding their breath.

I am a conservative. I hold Obama in such disdain I will vote for McCain, but that doesn't mean I am gung ho McCain because I am not. I don't want Obama to win and in that vein I want McCain to have the best chance to win and I am not convinced Palin can do that. Actually, I like her very much but can she get the Independents that McCain needs so much?? Is there enough time to convince ordinary blue collar voters that she is capable of becoming President if need be?

I hope Palin can pull it off. If she does, she will be my hero forever.

JOCOeveryman said...

Oh man....I pretty agree with all that. Great comments. Thanks for posting them.

travel said...

She's getting closer to being my hero.


JOCOeveryman said...

Gov. Palin was fantastic last night. I agree.

jocosob said...

I get the Bush twin on the left.

JOCOeveryman said...

JOCO SOB is a MaryAnn guy I see. I would have taken him for a Ginger guy. Way to pick the single one. Barbara is married now. Silly locker room talk...?

jocosob said...

Gotta go for the one that is available. Also Ginger was a whore.